The PABSEC Participation in the International Transport Forum Summit 2023, 24-26 May 2023, Leipzig, Germany

On 24-26 May 2023, Mr. Asaf Hajiyev, PABSEC Secretary General, together with a delegation of the BSEC Permanent International Secretariat, took part in the annual International Transport Forum Summit, in Leipzig (Germany), which was dedicated to the topic “Transport enabling sustainable economies”.

The annual Summit was attended by transport ministers, business leaders, heads of international organizations, politicians, as well as representatives of business associations and civil society, leading researchers, and representatives of local and regional authorities.

The Summit participants discussed the role of transport as a factor of economic growth, the development of “green” transport, the inclusiveness of the transport sector, and its role in ensuring equal access to social and economic activities of citizens. The Summit contributed to a deep understanding of the role of transport in economic development, environmental sustainability, and social inclusion, as well as to the improvement of the effectiveness of the overall transport policy.

The program of the event was focused on the following key themes: “Promoting Inclusive Access and Tackling Poverty”; “Fostering Transport for Economic Growth and Stability”; “Boosting Economies through Greening Transport”; “Building Safe, Healthy and Resilient Transport Systems”. The Summit programme included side events with the participation of business circles and leading transport companies, as well as thematic exhibitions.

On the sidelines of the Summit, Mr. Asaf Hajiyev, PABSEC Secretary General, met with Mr. Ashraf Bouali, Director of the Istanbul Centre of the OECD, and informed him about the results of the Summit of the Speakers of the PABSEC Parliaments and about the 61st General Assembly, which were held at the beginning of May, in Ankara. The Secretary General invited Mr. Bouali to visit the PABSEC International Secretariat, in Istanbul. The sides expressed their intention to develop the cooperation in the future.