Participation of the PABSEC International Secretariat, in the Parliamentary Dialogue Series, 9 November 2023

Mr. Daniel Dulca, PABSEC Deputy Secretary General, participated in the Parliamentary Dialogue Series, jointly organized by the Parliamentary Network on the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF), on the World Bank Gender Strategy 2024-2030, which took place virtually, on 9 November 2023.

The Parliamentary Network on the Word Bank is a platform for parliamentarians from the World Bank and IMF member countries, to advocate for increased accountability and transparency regarding the development cooperation.

The event brought together members of Parliament (MPs) from across the globe and representatives of International Organizations, to tackle the topic of Gender equality as an urgent imperative and fundamental human right that is central to advancing sustainable development.

The Parliamentary Dialogue Series is a quarterly convening of members of the Parliamentary Network on the World Bank and IMF, alongside the World Bank Group and IMF experts, to discuss the most pressing and pertinent development issues. The series provides parliamentarians from around the world, with the opportunity to hear about challenges in their daily work and about strategies on how to address them.

Parliamentarians are essential in building political and social will for gender equality. As representatives of the people, they understand the unique context on the ground and how to best address inequalities in their countries and communities. They have a direct impact on gender outcomes through the shaping of laws, budgets, public opinion, and social norms. They also play a key role in overseeing their governments’ management of gender programs and policies.

Welcoming and introduction were made by The Rt Hon. Liam Byrne MP, UK, Chair of the Business and Trade Committee; Chair of the Parliamentary Network on the World Bank and IMF, followed by several interventions made by Hon. Sahar Albazar MP, Deputy-Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, Egypt; Hon. Daniel Molokela-Tsiye MP, Chair of the Health and Childcare Committee, Zimbabwe and Hon. Neema Lugangira MP, Member of the Foreign Affairs, Defense and Security Committee, Tanzania.

During this edition, MPs received an overview of the current global gender context and how the World Bank is using a decade of data and operational experience to inform about a strategy that responds to the urgency, fundamentality and complexity of achieving gender equality.

The event also provided a platform for Members of Parliament, to inform about the World Bank Gender Strategy 2024-30, on how to accelerate gender equality for a sustainable, resilient and inclusive future, in alignment with the World Bank Evolution Roadmap, while focusing on innovation, financing and collective action, to end gender-based violence, elevating human capital, expanding and enabling economic and leadership opportunities.